“The first wealth is health” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Are you?

  • Overall feeling well
  • Want to optimize your health
  • Would like to find out potential health risks
  • Concerned about a family risk factor and want to mitigate risks

Did you know that there are functional tests that can provide additional information to your conventional medical tests and there are some conventional tests, that you can request from your physician [not routinely ordered], that can provide functional insight?

While you may feel fine, what I’ve found is that functional testing can discover potential risks before they become an issue! These tests provide the opportunity to find issues before they present as a symptom, which is more difficult to rectify or potentially irreversible.

In cases where you are already ill, testing is not often needed initially because some basic changes to one’s lifestyle can lead to significant health symptom improvement. However, if you overall feel “well”, is it possible you could feel better?

We all have some potential “weakness”, be it a family history, a habit, a thought process, an activity or simply by being “human” with daily exposure to potential toxins that may make us susceptible to illness in our future. You may have some underlying hormonal changes, microbiome alterations, nutrient deficiencies, genetic predisposition or other potential risk factors. Why wait until you become ill?

I hear all the time from colleagues, that age is the reason for many of our patient’s concerns. While age may make you more susceptible to the impact of life exposures, it is often NOT the only REASON for developing illness. Of course, while the Benjamin Franklin quote, “in this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes,” rings true. How you live your life is under your control and I hope to live my life to the fullest until my moment of death. True health is where body, mind and spirit come together to create your best you. There are three fundamental tests: hormones, microbiome and organic acids testing that I find provide a glimpse into underlying risk factors, before they manifest as a symptom. An annual health evaluation with a review of lifestyle exposures along with these three tests [and potentially others depending on results] allows for true preventive health care. 

Taking the best of ancient health wisdom with natural health practices and utilizing twenty-first century diagnostics to create an individual wellness program for long-term health that is the Mysaic Medical, MyWellness program mission!