“Change your physiology, change your energy” ~ Tony Robbins

Are you? 

  • Experiencing general fatigue
  • Weakness
  • Feeling sleepy
  • Unmotivated
  • Requiring caffeine/sugar to function
  • Exhausted
  • Not recovering quickly after exercise
  • Winded with little activity

Do you know where your energy comes from and how to maintain and support your body to utilize your energy sources? 


Fatigue is often a primary reason that many people see their physicians. Many patients I see who feels their energy is low seem to believe it is their thyroid and are disappointed when it turns out that isn’t the cause and still don’t have answers. Of course, this is one potential cause but there are potentially many reasons a person is suffering from fatigue. Your body needs energy for everything you do! You need energy to support the basic body systems to keep you feeling healthy, motivated, and active!

Energy is needed for every system in the body to function properly and without supporting the foundation you often feel tired. When one experiences “fatigue”, this may be your body’s way to tell you something is not functioning properly.

This is where metabolism comes in. It is essentially utilizing the nutrients and liquids you put in your body to create energy. If these processes are working correctly then the energy levels in your body increase. Essentially, nutrients are taken in as protein, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. If any of these nutrients are not adequate, the biochemical processes in the body will not function correctly. Your hormones are also important in energy production and lifestyle factors can influence your energy production. Everything you take in for “energy” in the form of food and liquids can be thought of as either ‘medicine’ or a ‘poison’ to your energy reserves. While lifestyle can contribute to lack of energy, there can be other causes that Conventional and Functional Medicine labs can evaluate.

For instance, as mentioned initially the thyroid should be thoroughly assessed, but potentially other causes to assess would include adrenal function, nutrient levels, food intolerances, intestinal permeability, the gut microbiome and toxins that interrupt your biochemistry.

If you are experiencing low energy reserves, the My~Energy Program may be the best choice for you. Sometimes it will require more than just changes in your lifestyle, although these are often a key component. Basic labs will be recommended for your primary physician to order, as these can often be covered through your insurance provider. However, additional Functional Labs are often helpful. These may include evaluating your adrenal function, assessing possible nutrition deficits with organic acids testing, and determining if your intestinal barrier has been breached with a permeability test or evaluation of your microbiome.  Diet changes with an elimination diet to evaluate potential intolerances or testing for potential intolerances may be another consideration. The ultimate goal is for you to have My~Wellness [well, Your~Wellness].

1 - Take the Free Assessment

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If after your free assessment you feel that we would be a good fit and you would like to explore my functional approach further we can schedule an initial 60 minute consultation. This consultation will include a complete history review and creation of your timeline. You will come out of this consultation with an initial program including diet plan, lifestyle reccomendataions and possible supplements.