I am a Board certified physician specializing in Obstetrics/Gynecology and Functional Medicine. After attending Harvard Medical School I completed residency in Obstetrics/Gynecology at University of California San Francisco and then became an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFM-CP).  

After working in a large health care organization for a number of years, I decided to create Mysaic Medical. My goal is to combine multiple approaches to create a whole person health plan. Whether you want to manage just one ailment or achieve optimal wellness, my vision is a facility where varying health goals and levels of wellness can be achieved.

My focus is on helping you become your best self!


In general, the person who would seek out my care is someone who has seen other physicians and hasn’t received a complete answer and are looking for another way. Having completed specialty training with the Institute for Functional Medicine, I see looking for the root cause of illness as the ultimate goal. Although board certified as an Obstetrician-Gynecologist and have a special fondness for women at all stages of their lives, I have always been a closet Internal Medicine physician and Functional Medicine has allowed me to go back to the foundation of biochemistry and apply this knowledge to improving an individual’s health. The combination of training in both allopathic and functional medicine gives me an advantage of multiple approaches.

Your individual health goals will be discussed during your appointments and your goals are the focal point of care. My goal is for you is to live with the highest level of health every day of your life. Exactly what that may be will differ for each individual.



The name and logo represent the coming together of art and science that is you. The “My” represents you and stems from mycelium, the parts branching from different areas of one’s life to come together into a single entity at this time and place. You are the art, the mosaic; this is the “saic” portion of Mysaic Medical. Using the hexagon shape has multiple meanings, there is the biochemical structure of many compounds, the science, and the link with sacred geometry, the spiritual aspect. The more the body systems are in alignment, along with optimal nutrition to create physical and mental health balance, the Mysaic, this amazing combination that is you, is found.



Whether you overall feel healthy, but want to optimize your health, evaluate potential risks before they occur, you already have health concerns and want to evaluate the root cause of your illnesses, or are looking for symptomatic relief, the functional medicine approach can provide true health and is, what I believe to be, truly preventative medicine.

Once you register for your initial visit, an email will be sent with a link to register for Living Matrix and a medical questionnaire will be e-mailed to you before your first visit to create a medical history for in depth discussion and review. This saves the time of creating this with you at the first visit, unless this assistance is needed and then we can create this together at your initial consultation. This will create areas, based on your responses, to focus on improving along with meeting your goals.

The foundational physical systems to evaluate, based on Functional Medicine principles, include assimilation (gastrointestinal), communication (hormones and neurotransmitters), defense and repair (immunology), transport (cardiovascular), energy (mitochondrial function), elimination (detoxification) as well as structural components of the body (musculo-skeletal system). The emotional, mental and spiritual health influences along with all these body systems need to be balanced to achieve your greatest health. Both physical and emotional health are discussed with every patient.

Fundamental initial laboratory evaluation will be suggested that include hormonal, gastrointestinal and organic acids testing as these provide significant baseline information on the majority of clients, whether opting to evaluate overall health status or resolve current ailments and further diagnostic testing, both routine that your primary can order and functional testing, are dependent on individual client needs.

Treatment plans are made based on the root problems that are identified. Every patient plan looks different; however, supporting the main body systems is usually where I start because this is the foundation of health. If the foundation is not established, then true health cannot be obtained and maintained. Treatment plans take time to implement and require a level of commitment from both patient and practitioner. I will work with every patient as closely as the patient requires, while treatment protocols are implemented. The goal in treating every patient is to support the body systems and biochemistry, so the symptoms are eliminated or illness prevented, and health optimized.

Looking forward to working with you on your journey towards health, however that is defined for you!