In the 21st century our taste buds, our brain chemistry, our biochemistry, our hormones and our kitchens have been hijacked by the food industry.” ~ Mark Hyman

Are you?

  • Feeling “moody”
  • Having headaches/migraines, associated with the cycle
  • Skipping periods, irregular, heavy or painful periods
  • Experiencing bloating with your period
  • Experiencing painful or told you have fibrous breast tissue
  • Having changes in your skin
  • Noticing changes in your hair
  • Experiencing peri-menopause/menopause symptoms
  • Struggling with infertility
  • Looking to optimize pre-conception/pregnancy care

Do you understand how the “normal” menstrual cycle works and why you
may be experiencing “hormonal” symptoms?

Many people feel that symptoms around your cycle are “normal” because you have had them so long and know of others who also experience them. As someone in an Ob/Gyn allopathic medical office for many years, I know that the response from many practitioners is to “use birth control” to regulate your cycles and things will improve. While birth control may be something desired, the use of birth control options has potential issues and side effects.

If you want to conceive birth control also isn’t an option. You can eliminate many of your symptoms! You may even notice significant improvement with little time, however, it takes a commitment from you. With some changes, many of these symptoms can be eliminated each month and you will experience many other benefits.

Many, hormonal conditions, are caused by food and lifestyle choices, and exposure to toxins in the environment. The hormone that is usually at play is cortisol or the stress hormone. Finding out which of these is the cause of your symptoms, eliminating them and supporting any nutrient deficiencies can allow your body to heal and resolve your symptoms.

Stress of any kind can cause hormonal imbalances. As mentioned, cortisol, not hormones like estrogen/progesterone, is the most important hormone that can influence these symptoms. If you are under any stress, the pathway that produces your sex hormones gets directed to cortisol instead. Other stressors can be toxins from the environment. This may come in the form of pollution; heavy metal exposure, contaminated water and food supply or home products that you may not be aware are impacting your health. Even food from “clean” sources may cause you issues. If you are intolerant to foods, consuming too much sugar, alcohol, or processed foods can lead to damage to your intestines, damaging the lining, and leading to transmission of antibodies and prevents you from digesting important nutrients.

Once a root cause is identified and a program established, with your commitment you are likely to experience improvement with your first monthly cycle. You have the power to take control of these symptoms rather than have them control you! I am here to help!

Irrespective of the source of the stressors, with time, this eventually will take its toll and the once elevated cortisol, along with DHEA decrease and impact the sex hormones of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Knowing what your cortisol levels are through the course of the day can provide insight into how your body is functioning under the exposures that may be impacting your hormonal system. In allopathic medicine, when you ask your physician to check your hormone levels, many will likely tell you there isn’t any utility in it and indeed, serum testing may only be useful under certain situations. However, after many women asked me in my previous life to check their hormones, I had to seek out a possible way to do this and a simple saliva test that you can do at home is available. By evaluating multiple points throughout the day to assess your cortisol along with DHEA, testosterone, estrogen, testosterone, and potentially other neurotransmitters, if deemed appropriate, your hormonal pattern can be evaluated. Testing provides insight that you can’t otherwise obtain to begin the healing process. The My~Hormones Program can start this process and provide the foundation for My~Wellness, should you choose.