Health Assessment

1 - Take the Free Assessment

Take the Free Health Assessment on the Living Matrix Website. This free assessment  is used to evaluate where your concerns exist and to gauge your willingness to make the necessary changes for a healthier you! After Dr. Andrea reviews this assessment she will send you a summary of your report. 

2 - Receive Summary by Email

Dr. Andrea will send you the results of your assessment. 

3 - Schedule Initial Consultation

If after your free assessment you feel you would like to explore my functional approach further we can schedule an initial 60 minute consultation. This consultation will include a complete history review and creation of your timeline. You will come out of this consultation with an initial program including diet plan, lifestyle recommendations and possible supplements. 

The Free Health Assessment

This Free Health Assessment utilizes the Living Matrix system for accessing two brief health

(1) Medical Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ)
(2) Patient-Reported Outcomes Measurement Information System (PROMIS)

These brief questionnaires provide information regarding your level of symptoms and an
assessment of your current health status. This is translated into a numeric score. While these
questionnaires provide information that could be utilized to direct a Functional Medicine
investigation further, they are not meant to diagnosis or provide treatment suggestions.
As Functional Medicine seeks to evaluate upstream causes of symptoms/disease and requires
patients to take an active role in their health, a section of this questionnaire is also a readiness
scale. This essentially evaluates your readiness and willingness to make the necessary changes
for a healthier you!

After Dr. Andrea reviews this assessment, she will email you a summary of your
report. Completion of this questionnaire is by no means a commitment to pursue further care
with Mysaic Medical. However, if you are ready, we can then schedule an Initial Functional
Medicine Consultation.

In health and wholeness!
~ Dr. Andrea