Functional Consult

Every patient starts with a Functional Consult. Prior to your first visit you will complete a health assessment questionnaire online. The doctor will review this questionnaire prior to your visit. This initial step saves you an hour of office time allowing us to dive directly into a deep review of your health history. At the end of this appointment the doctor will work up a program for you that you can implement yourself. You may be able to alleviate your symptoms simply by following this initial plan. However in more complicated cases additional labs and return appointments may be recommended.

The goal of functional medicine is always to identify the root cause of your symptoms instead of treating the symptoms themselves. This requires a full commitment to your own medical care and may include challenging lifestyle changes. I am not here to “give you a pill” to fix your problem. I am here to help you explore the causes of your problem and guide you in healing yourself. Please make sure you have read Are You Ready For Functional Medicine and are ready to commit fully to your program.