We’re installing solar this year!


Happy New Year again!  As 2012 begins, my family has decided to look into utilizing the power of the sun to reduce some of our electrical costs and decided to install solar.  It’s not in yet but the plan is in the works.

For those of you considering this option, California laws provide some funding to complete your goal.

In the 745 new California laws taking effect or continuing this year, there are 5 set to assist with renewable energy efforts.


Energy – land exchange for renewable energy related projects

Solar Energy Parks Act

Promoting state lands for the advancement, development, assessment and installation of commercial concentrating solar power energy systems.  The State Lands Commission is responsible in determining suitability of the land for this use and appropriate commercial projects to lease the land for this specific use.


Renewable energy: expedited permitting

This bill sets to establish a program to ease and expedite the state permitting process for renewable energy and transmission projects.  Rather vague on the specifics of “expedited permitting” other than designating a timetable once all necessary documents have been provided as required by the California Environmental Quality Act.


Energy efficiency standards

Specified energy efficiency standards are required under California law, contractors, whether licensed or unlicensed in violation of these laws will be penalized.  Encompassed in this law is the aspect of unfair competition and building without proper licenses and permits.


Energy: solar systems funding

California Solar Initiative

A commission established to authorize award of monetary incentives for power generated by solar energy systems that meet the requirement of the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission.  The purpose is to provide incentives for customers for install and provide energy from solar systems as well as provide funding for research and development to explore solar technologies.


Energy: energy conservation projects

The Energy Conservation Assistance Act of 1979

Requires until January 1, 2013 that low-interest revolving loans be provided to eligible institutions to finance projects related to energy conservation, generation of renewable energy sources, electric vehicle charging infrastructure, energy or water efficiency improvements.

When we get our solar in will update on costs, rebates, and savings in our monthly bills.


If you want to read all the bills in their entirety you can use the following with links to each of the bills amendments and final revision:  www.leginfo.ca.gov/pdf/BillsEnactedReport2011.pdf